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Freedom from Pain

We believe in a holistic approach in the treatment of our patients. Patients who suffer from pain are assessed accordingly to determine the cause and the contributing factors leading to their condition.
Our Physiotherapy Services includes:

Back Pain

Due to many reason occur back pain ,our physiotherapist diagnosed the best and accordingly to cause they will treat you best. No need to leave with pain, book our physiotherapist today.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is occur due to various reason our physiotherapy experts will guide you the causes and give best treatment option for that. Physiotherapy is the best option to treat the neck pain. We are just one click away get treated by our experienced physiotherapist at your home today.

Shoulder Pain

Due to carrying heavy weight, wrong sleeping posture you may have shoulder pain. In that case our physiotherapist will treat you best at your home. Book our physiotherapist today.

Knee Pain

Do you have problem in walking due to knee pain? Now you need not to worry our physiotherapist will help you in this at your home itself. So book physiotherapist today.

Post Surgical Rehab

Undergone any surgery here our physiotherapist to give you post surgical rehab session for your fast recovery. Get our physiotherapist today.


Physiotherapy help paralysis patients adopt to their lives by making them as independent as possible. Our certified and experienced physiotherapy will treat your best.

Sports Injury

Our physiotherapist manage patients or athletes also require strengthening, conditioning and return to sports. If you have any injury due to sport now you need not stop playing. We are here to help you to return to sports. Get our physiotherapist today.

Cerebral Palsy

We believe in holistic approach to our patients. Every child is special. When there is movement problem in child with cerebral palsy , our physiotherapist will give you combination of exercise, muscle relaxing.techniques and special equipment is used to improve movement. Book our physiotherapist at your home.

Why Our Physiotherapy Service ?

Certified and experienced physiotherapist.

Get treated at your home.

Special and advanced equipments are used.