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  • How do I enquiry about the packages and fees ?
  • Ans: You can send us a mail or you can call us ,our representative will tell you about the packages and fees.

  • Is any appointment timing slot are there ?
  • Ans: No, its completely depends on your convienence and your wish. After getting an appointment booking our representative will call you and you can lets us know our appointment timings.

  • Do you have any clinical setup in the city ?
  • Ans. No our service is completely based on home service.


  • Is physiotherapy a good choice ?
  • Ans: Many people are experts at treating movement and neuro muscular skeletal disorders. Pain often accompanies a movement disorder, physiotherapy treatment can help to correct the disorder and relieve the pain.

  • How many visits will i need ?
  • Ans: This is highly variable. You may need one visit or you may need months of care .It depends on your diagnosis the severity of impairments etc.


  • What kind of problems should be discussed with the counsellor ?
  • Ans: In general you are welcome to discuss any problem with the counsellor. Privacy is maintained in all the cases and we try our best to help you deal with them as effectively as possible.

  • Is psychologist come for home visit ?
  • Ans: Yes our services is completely based on home visit. They will come to your home and problems .You can discuss any with them at your own comfort.

Nursing Care

  • Are all the nurses are qualified are certified ?
  • Ans: Yes our nurses are well qualified and certified as well as caring.

  • Are nurses available for full day ?
  • Ans: Yes we have packages according to your need you can enquire this through mail.

Healthblix Special Care

  • Is nursing care and this service is same ?
  • Ans: No this service is focussed on senior care , blind individual support and special child care etc.

  • Is there full time care is available ?
  • Ans: Yes we provide hourly care can enquire about packages through email.